buckner baptist church

Buckner Baptist Church had its’ beginnings in 1954, as Rodger Buckner held prayer meetings in his home until such time as the feeling in the community for a Baptist Church became so great that members of the prayer group began fundraising for their own place of worship.

In September, 1955, Rodger Buckner purchased the location we’re at today.  Initially houses, renovation involved taking down and completely rebuilding the property from scratch, thus making the first house of worship for the new congregation.  A second room was added to the structure in the spring of 1956, and the building was officially dedicated in June of that same year.

During that same year, another Vacation Bible School and revival services added to the membership, necessitating an addition to the building.  Additions were made again in September, 1957.

On September 21, 1958, Buckner Baptist Mission became Buckner Baptist Church, as messengers from eleven other churches in the association gathered to officially constitute the body as a self-supporting church fellowship.  The sixty-one members of the newly constituted church called Evan S. Williams as the first pastor.  During the next few years, continuing financial and prayer support from the local community nurtured the body of believers worshipping at our Church.

In 1963, Pastor Fred Irvin challenged the church to begin a building fund for the purpose of further expansion and construction of a larger sanctuary.  Exceeding the building fund goal of £6,000, the church raised enough money to begin construction and secure a loan from Lloyds of London for completing the work.  The building reached completion with donations of money, time and materials from members and non-members.

In the late Sixties the church experienced further growth, purchased additional land, and began construction of a new sanctuary with a finished basement in 1969.  Pastor Rev. Ian Wright preached the first service in the new building on October 15, 1970.   In the mid-nineties, the church added additional classrooms, children’s facilities and offices.

Today, the church continues to prosper as God gifts the congregation in touching lives and families for His glory in London Town.